Accidental Rebels – Shadows of Light

A Fighting Fantasy Star Wars Campaign (Edge of Empire, Rebellion, Force and Destiny) set towards the end of the Rebellion and the start of the New Republic.

This is an initial learning / playtest Campaign.

Characters Drawn from those displaced, avoiding, resisting or hunted by the Imperial Empire, and suitable for inexperienced and experienced players alike.

The Emperor is dead, yet the Imperial Forces remain. The Core worlds and vast reaches of space are held by former Imperial Moffs and Admirals, seeking to maintain their hold and rebuild the Empire. The Rebellion now the New Republic seeks to take the Core worlds and the capitol Coruscant to solidify their legitimacy.

A previously quiet cluster of planets in an area known as the splice, once a thriving agricultural supplier, left mostly alone, is now feeling the force of the Imperial power shifts. From these struggles are drawn a few that have the potential to influence how events develop. The fate several worlds hangs in the balance.

I am looking for a group of 4-6 players to join in, learn, have fun, and help playtest these rules.

Planned start Saturday 18th July 12 noon until 1630 @ Good Games Cannington, Perth Western Australia

Accidental Rebels - Shadows of Light